This winter is still the same cold, but this winter is different. When you walk on the street, you'll find some thing new in this world-it is the famous ugg Australia. The ugg Australia snow boots originated form Australia which is called the country on the back of sheep. Someone said that the name ugg is short for the English words " ugly boots", and nicknamed as " ugg " by Australian later. In Australia, ugg refers to the boots made from sheep skin and wool. Now famous UGG snow boots brands have Australia Yellow Earth, and American Ugg Australia etc. You can see lots of ugg online shops such as ugg boots online usa, ugg Australis, sheepskin ugg boots, ugg boots outlet usa. So the key to identify brand ugg boots usa and some counterfeit brand ugg boots usa is how to identify the true or false of a pair of sheepskin and wool ugg usa sale boots. Now take Yellow Earth sheepskin and wool ugg boots for example, mainly from look, asking, touch and smell four aspects to analyze how to tell the ugg boots are real or fake. First, look. This is the most intuitive distinguish method. This word look should be explained from three aspects. Enter a store, first look at the designs of shoes whether are varied in the store If styles are various, that should not be counterfeit. To counterfeit a pair of UGG boots costs also much, they may not even take those designs sold badly to counterfeit. Generally style is with some limitations in the selling copy edition stores, most of the styles are those whoes sales are good. Then, look at the surface of the boots. For the sheepskin and wool together boots, their surface flocking head is short, slender, flexible, color is pure without clear off color, boots canister is straight. Ugg boots no matter Australian Yellow Earth brand or American Ugg Australia brand are all made by sheepskin and wool together. The density of wool is good, lustrous. At last, look at te inside of the ugg boots. The authentic Australia boots ugg usa online Yellow Earth Ugg, Ugg Australia boots will indicate Europe code, Australia code and size table at internal of the boots, and shoes glue line is made generally very evenly,1 mm is normal, and it is difficult to be splited. Second, asking. The asking mentioned is to ask the price. All of the ugg usa outlet Australia Yellow Earth ugg snow boots are made from Australian merino lamb skin, so they are definitely not ugg boots products stores if they sell boots made from Man-made or other materials. Third, touch. Authentic sheepskin and wool ugg boots, give a smooth elastic feeling when touch, to try to wear them, they are loose, soft, comfortable and a stream of warm feeling from the sole of feet to heart. Fourth, smell. Authentic ugg Australia boots Yellow Earth UGGUGG Australia are made with the environmental protection tanning technology, do not contain harmful materials to human body such as formaldehyde, you can smell shoes body if there is peculiar smell, if there is pungent smell, we can make sure they are counterfeit brand. At last, if you really want to buy a pair of authentic ugg boots, the owner will not mind you take off a little of wool to burn for checking. Authentic ugg Australia snow boots which made by sheepskin and wool, wool of burned with fire, will immediately become black carbide ashes with a burned hair taste.